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Attraction & Event Operations
Planning an event is one thing but operating one is another story. Articles to help make operating a special event a smooth one.


Build-It-Yourself Workshops
For those who love to make Halloween displays, automated scare tactics or full blown animatronics, the Workshops are a fun place to check out.


Business Administration & Resources
Regardless if this is a charitable or business operation, here are some valuable resources to help you.


Costumes, MakeUp, Masks & Accessories
Learn from season professionals about makeup tips, secrets, prosthetics, applications and much more.


Haunt Scares, Designs & Effects
Here you will find valuable information about haunting such as scare tactics, event operations & haunt marketing.


Home, Yard & Halloween Haunters & Decorators
Home haunters welcome here! An area dedicated to the home haunter, Halloween enthusiast, yard displays and much more.


Marketing, Revenue & Ticket Sales
Boost your ticket sales, revenue and marketing opportunities. Learn more about advertising, promotion and publicity.


Outdoor Attractions, Events & Autumn Activities
A special section dedicated to those special events which take place in outdoor venues such as haunted hayrides, corn fields and more.


Safety Center
Free and full access to vital safety information that all haunters should know. Start here before visiting any where else.


Haunters Edication and Resources
Find Fund raising sources, Home Haunt Resources, Halloween Freebies, Downloads and much more for the do-it-yourself haunter